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The Snake River

October 13 1805, traveling down the Snake river. It has be a long day. It's warm outside and we many miles till we reach or new destination. Lewis the crew and I are working very hard in traveling and learning about the lands we walk on. Today two Indian men asked to accompany us along our travel. Lewis and I had no ...

Missiouri River

  We are here! With a long day of traveling we are now standing at the bank of the Missouri River. Tonight we are ging to camp out here and then head out early in the morning. I am personaly excited about tomorrows adventure! Wish us all the best of luck-Clark 500 × 333 - 111k - farm4.static.flickr.com/3508/32085 ...


Montana!!!! we are in the state Montana. Love this state its cray much like me. Lewis has been in a bad mood for three days now and he wont tell me why? We have had no more losses. We have no men that are sick. I think things are getting better-Clark

Lolo trail

  We are traveling through the trail. The woods i have always loved and i thought were peaceful. The bugs are not my favorite thing about it but i will live through it. we see a few animals here and there but i would love to see a deer, i have wait to see one. Hopfully i will see one before we get out of the wood ...

Fort Clatsop

In the woods we see no pepole but our own men. we plan and make big decissions that are life and death. we are not far off from the river a few miles maybe? To keep our men in shpe we still make them work out and stay fit, so what they did at traing does not have to be repeated. Busy day.-Clark

atchison kansas

This town is new for us. It has many nice people in this town. Little kids run up and ask Lewis and i what we do for a living, and we anwser them with these simple words "we travel the world"! They look at us with oooo and awwww, we smile in delight. We hope that someday they will want to grow up and be explores to! ...

Kansas river

  I was reading back at my lastest stories and i remember the ripples in the water story. We are walking by the Kansas river and the water lay still. No movement. Its very odd and quite. It gives me time to think but i do miss the sound of water running.-Clark  

Gallatin river

There are rippels in the water. i watch them as i ride past on my horse. they are somthing diffrent. Weird, but you can't help but stare at them. I catch lewis staring at them like i do sometimes. It's just funny how the little things are never noticed.-clark

Bitterrout Mountains

It's getting colder and cloder. The mountains have snow on them. But what was on the ground is now melted. It's cold enough that we need jackets and blankets. Its amazing that a few days ago it felt like 80 and now feels like 36. I will write later-Clark

Fort buford

It's been awhile sence i have talked to that beautiful lady i was talking about. I miss her i thought we were becoming friends. But traveling does thing s like that i cant keep in touch always with my friends like i wold like too. Maybe sometime down the road friends will stay permenent.-Clark

Jefferson river

Things are looking up! days are better and we are getting farther along than we thought we were! Slowly we are getting over our losses. Yesterday i met i nice beautiful young lady. Me and her really hit it off.-Clark  

Madison river

Little by little our men are getting better. A few more have died, which has slowed down our journey. I understand that we have to pay our respects and lay them down to rest. Lewis and i have talked and we are affraid that if anymore die we will be too short of men.-Clrak

marias river

Rivers, rivers,rivers!!!! We travel so many rivers!!! Oh well they are so beautiful i dont mind. Some of our men have been sick, few have died. Our loss is effecting our men. I pry for the familys that lost there loved ones and the ones who are down and sick. Amen-Clark

Milk river!

when i heard lewis tell the crew we were going to the Milk river i thought for breif moment that it was a river made off milk! But i knew btter i was just tired so my mind took me away for a moment. Maybe i shouldnt stay up late anymore. and im going to take a nap and head off to bed when the crew does.-Clark

Osage river

The Osage river is now our destination. I love the veiws that come with traveling. it's amazing and i get to meet new people at the same time. Lewis and I are walking around just looking at the landscapes and i must say that once again they are turly beautiful!-Clark

Sioux city

We are now in Sioux City! We are still in Iowa. Right now Lweis is talking to some traders about some food that we need. I hope it's going good. uselly im the one to talk to the treaders and get the goods but not today.-clark  


Wenare now in the state Iowa! Yay! I have filled so many notebooks full of daily and nightly reports. Some day i hope to make books and have them published. This was a interesting day. And now it'stime for a nap.-Clark

Ohio river

we are now at the Ohio river. Once again we had a long travel. we just got done eating super and now we are resting fo the night. It's peacful tonight under the stars. Lewis and most of the men have fallen asleep, but i am not yet tired. my mind keeps me awake at night thinking-Clark

Return Clark

Return Clark!!! As I sit here I am remembering all the things we have gone through to get this far. We have mad egood choices and bad choices. One we are pround of to call our ideas and others we are not so proud of. We are friends and Im glad that Lewis is my partner in the lond journey ahead of us.-Clark

Return LEWIS

Return Lewis. This is now our desination.right now we are resting and i am writing. Today is a beautifu day of return Lewis.our feet are now used to the walking and traveling so we now feel no pain. -Clark

Route to Pacific

Crops of discovery!!!!! Lewis and I et out to investegate the newly acquired Louisiana Territory. Locate a water route to the Pacific Ocean,and strengthen Ameericans claimsto hte northwest. This can only get more interesting as we go and learn more. Wish us all the luck-Clark  

Ft Mandan

  Mandan! Today Lweis and I meet a beautiful young lady. Her name is Sakakawea. She will be a essential for our success of the expidition. She is bright and very kind.-Clark  

St Louis

  There are 33 people, including 29 participants in traingingat the Camp Dubois winter staging area. They left May 14, 1804 and met up Leiws in Saint Charels. The training was harsh and sweaty. The men worked hard and I'm proud of them for working like they are. Lewis is very much inpressed with how far they have c ...


The Appalachain Mountians are a beautiful sight! The horses im sure grow tired of walking and hauling our stuff around, so we stop and let them rest. Lewis and I are straring to worry about the food supplies running low. Trading is hard around here when we are alone every now and then. Lewis and I are now arriving a ...

Rocky Mountain

We have arrived! We are now near the rocky Mountain. It's an amazing view that Lweis and i will surly remember. we are not as tired as we were a few days ago. Our feet are still sore and a little weak but day by day they get stronger.- Clark


  In addition to the crowds, rough teerain made the expidition trip up the Columbia hard. By the time we camped for the night on April 24, 1806. Our mens feet are growing tired and sore from trudging over rough stones and through deep sand. We hope that this gets only better. I shall write later- Clark.

We waist no time

We waist no time, the slow progress up the Mississippi River convinced the captians that many more men than the authorized 12 would be needed and more recruits were added. We are one again pleased with the timing and ground we have covered. Lewis and I are now informed that the expedition would spend the winter train ...